qubool hai 25 december 2012


qubool is the word of the language of urdu and the vocabulary of urdu ,we know that is not wide but the important words are for the important thing so that meaning may be perform for the required thing or talk …every language has many   words by which that language may be able to perform required talk so we will say that urdu is the language made by many languages as like turkey,persian,punjabi and many more ..

asadso this language is making progress by the passing of time …and arabic language is also important for this urdu….because …we will show and tell about this at the other time so watch it and here with us on watchindiandramas.com and this is the zee tv play named qubool hai ..

qubool hai 25 dec part 1

qubool hai 25 dec part 2

qubool hai 25 dec part 3

qubool hai 25 dec part 4