Punar Vivah by zee tv 7 may watch online

Punar Vivah zee tv new drama serial

punar vivahh zee tv drama
punar vivahh zee tv drama

Puner vivah is the new drama serial of zee tv,as you know zee tv is bringing a lot of dramas which are related to reality and base on different angles of life ,,,,,,,,,,,as like this,in this drama it is watch able thing that some marriages became demage due to some circumstanses of life,,life not runs on the strait road and some moments life became difficult than death……….this sentence is very true that life is not bed of roses..

This drama serial of zee tv shows that how married life became end and what are their requirements that they may be live happy life,,,,,,,life is a race for this thing, run is most important thing…some times all hopes became dissappear but its not mean that a man become helpless……….but understanding of realities is most favourable thing……… Punar vivah is the story of marriage after marriage.This happen mostly in our society when u dont get child birth from first five try to be get married and indulged in new relation.In this drama punar vivah smitri and siddharth are the key  players.

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