Afsar Bitya zee tv drama

Afsar bitya zee tv drma watch online

afsar bitya zee tv drama
afsar bitya zee tv

This drama serial afsar bitya is about the dream of a girl which belongs to a very poor family who can not afford her fees of coaching classes so she is studying free of cost because she is very intellligent student and studying with this dream that one day she will become the govt officer and fulfil the dream of her parents….so she is working day and night but her life is filled with problems….

Afsar bitya is the drama serial of zee tv and in this drama the name of afsar bitya is karishna who is very sincere with her work ,although she is working hard but she is making hope for her future…this dream is very important for her,she don,t want to waste her time at any cost….if you want to know for being  an officer whose are problem which a officer face in working so we can say that these problems are the part and parcil for life for living a prosperous life….

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