punar vivah 18 june

Punar vivah is the drama serial of zee tv and here you will watch the latest episode of 18 june by zee tv..Now in these days it is a most famous drama so by watching this drama we will know the importance of some old relations which sometimes are very valueable for our life,with out these relations we cannot make idea to live our life.leading role of this serial are two Aarti and  yash.aarti is 2nd wife of yash and yush is her 2nd husband.he loves her 1st love and wife arpita.she has been died and aarti is divorced.son of aarti ansh is a very cute but naughty child.her daadi hates him but he makes innocent mischiefs.yash loves his two daughters alot aarti also.both yash and aarti are feeling a sense of love for one another with every passing day.mother of yash is a strict lady and his father sindhiya is also… they gave a period of 3 months to aarti to prove herself.puner viah by zee tv is realy a gud drama about pvitar rishta of merriage.you can watch here latest episode of poonar vivaah.

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