sapne suhane ladakpan ke 9 jan 2013 full episode


in the previous episode in the date of 7 january ,when rachna and gunjan go to a dancing party which is organized by vihaan ..firstly they reached where and gunjan on the way think about her past time and think about the myank and rachna is very happy because she is going for the vihan,s party so she is very excited and when they reached they vihan enter from the door with his friends and make a smile by seeing them …rachna has learn the dance so she does and vihan and gunjhan stand in the corner vihan say something to gunjan and gunjan goes to the out side from the party and vihan also do this and they talk with each other in the happy mood then rachna see the phone and bag of gunjan which is on the chair in the corner of the dance pary so she watch here the texts which are come from the vihan to gunjan so she feel that something is between them so she also come outside watch them in the happy mood and run towards them when she call some word then gunjan make confuse and  vehan try to agree her…on the other side when gunjan goes in the hockey ground where the rajiv sir is playing match and rajiv watch here in the edge of the ground standing so he comes to her and talk with her…in the house of mayank charu the wife of mayank ,she create the wonder atmosphere due to her laziness and sharpness….this is all by the vihan because vihan wants to surprise to rachna on the day of engagement and this is the plan of gunjan and vihan for this purpose…

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