Diya aur baati hum 25 june

diya aur bhaati ham by star plus is really a wonderful drama having nice story.all the story revolves around 2 characters sandhya and sooraj,sadhya is wife of sooraj ,she as well educated but sooraj is Halwai no.1 of Hanumaan gali of pushkar.sandya and sooraj loves one the starting the found many difficulities but with the passing time they found perfect one another.sandhya listens about a copetiton of shefs.she decides to sent sooraj there to take part in this big compitition because she knows that she is a v good chef but his brother discouraged him that se is shef in hanumaan gali of Pushkar.he tells him that this is a very big copitition in which big chefs will take part but Sandhya gives curage to Sooraj,she wants to fullfil his dream of childhood of winnig trophy or any prize.this is an awsem darama can watch here online diya aur baati hum episode 25 june by starplus.

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