Kiya howa tera wada sony tv drama 1 august 2012

Kiya howa tera wada the drama serial new episoe sony tv
The story of this drama revolves around the promisses and how our promisses may be break in a single term of life or due to a little bit of jurk in life.Promisses always play a very important role in life so this serial is about this fact.Life may be destroy due to the broken of promisses.
Kiya hoa tera wada is the drama serial of sony tv and you watch the latest and new episode of this drama by the sony tv…the story of this drama is very interesting so watch and get delight by watching this drama so make sure that you want to watch the highly qualified performance of the roles of some business men that how they live their life in different circumstances.
We know that sony tv always present different kind of works by the characters which have a good justice for their roles.

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