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adalat drama serial of sony tv and here you can watch the terminologies of the cases which may be link with the dangerous thieves and the criminals which may be required to every department  but those criminals have the techniques of the powers of the get rid from every law which may be made for the help of the weak person .these kinds of person may be well educated but when they not get the right career according to their need then they feel they are the innocent civilian but society is giving troubles in the reward of well deeds and then think that they should start that type of work which will be helpful for them although it may be harmful for the others so they choose the track of the  crimes so they make explosion and make free many person from the life is the thing that our and every society of the world has unsuccessful for giving good training to individual and parents has unsuccessful for giving well training to their children because they think that important thing to live in the society is to cheat other so those types of work they teaches to their children so this responsibility to the parents that they make their children good individual which will helpful for county and the nation and will prove the pride of the nation …today watch this sony tv drama with us which name adaalat 23th february episode which is about the legal and iligal issues and about the criminality and the solution of this so watch online this show this us ..where a lots of info and are the things which are very important for every one in the world and for the whole nations of the world.

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