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Geo tv drama serial asmano par likha famous but will start soon and here you can get the episodes and the information about this tv drama where is the chemistry of love and the reality of the life and there is the some sad moments of life and some romantic  couple of hours are also available in this tv drama that where is the acting of the legend and the famous and nice actor ahsan khan Pakistani drama actor and a nice guy who want to do the challenging roles and he always do the great struggle and try to sincere with the role of the drama so soon it will start geo tv asmano par likha then we will show complete drama asmano par likha and try to enhance the figure of the series soon if your response will be able to appreciate so this is the serial which is showing that sometimes there is the sense of the man disappear and become unconsciousness and uneasy so this tv drama is revolves around these types of the real life stories and the realities