pics of stars urdu 1 tv dramas

pictures are very cool for sight and look so watch is also relate with this purpose  so watch here the photos of urdu one tv channel by these pics you can watch the names of dramas of this tv …it is interesting thing that this is new tv channel and making fame rapidly and the viewer ship of this tv channel is increasing day by day which is the prove of this progress and fame…you are very nice and make an idea by seeing any photo that which is cool,which is hot,which is nice and which is not nice or bad…it is on your mind approach that how you can judge the beauty of pics

pics of isabel meri akhri mohabat by urdu one tv

picsss of ishq e memnu

ishq e memnu is a drama serial of urdu 1 tv but if we try to know then we will recognize that it is basically a turkish drama serial which name is ask i memnu when this translated into urdu then its name become  ishq e it is a urdu word which mean is love is forbidden so love is the cute thing in this worlds ,due to love we are alive and the every thing of this universe is growing by this fact which is only existing thing in this universe…this is a nice drama serial which is showing love ever so in this drama we can see the beautiful and fabulous acting by the characters of this drama which are performing all the acts of this drama with a great courage and fabulous performance…ishq is a urdu word which mean the highest stage in love,in urdu not one word for love but the different three words which all the importance and place where they exist…so we are telling about the word love in urdu so then pyar is the lowest stage in urdu for love and the muhabat is the middle stage for the word love in urdu and ishq is the highest stage in ur

du which is liked by all sufi saints and great persons of the word…