Ishq Mumnu Ask i Memnu Turkish Drama by Urdu One

After the great success in Turkey the 2010 drama Aiske Mumnu by Ay yapam is now presented by Urdu one with the name of Ishq Mamnu with Urdu Translation.Now the character Behlool and Nehal are performing at the peak of their acting capabilities.The story of this drama is taken from a novel written by Halit zeya which was performed in modern day acting environment.This drama Ask-i-Memnu Was originally presented in Turkish language.We are presenting  Aşkı Memnu 79.Bölüm Final for you.Full episodes of ask e memnu can be watched here from youtube ishq memnu .

This drama is the story of a Broken Family due to some mismanagement in the family…………..Asq e Mohabbat Forbidden Love…….Adnan zia marries with samar ………..One the other side Muhammad and samar in love.Let see what this story would go towards.

Story of this drama has couple of Adnan and her wife.Adnan ziyagil has two children Nihal and Bulent.In a single home at Istanbul shore  with children and a relative Behlul and nanny Deniz.Suddenly a great change happend adnan fell in love with Behtar who is a social women she decided and make marry with adnan  .Now a great step has been taken from Urdu 1 Ishq e memnu urdu dubbing.Production has been started from 2008 to 2010.ishq mumno has 2 season with totally 79 episodes.

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