17th march online aasi drama by express entertainment tv


march 17 asi tv serial on 2013 and there is the fabulous job which is about the story with the good and the fabulous story and the dialogues of this drama are very amazing and interesting of the demir and asi which are the main and the leading personalities of this tv serial which may be confuse and agree with the love so watch this tv drama with us asi and the asi who is very beautiful girl who has a horse and have a deep love for her horse and do not want to separate from her horse but demir fired to the horse of the asi so asi become the enemy of the demir and for getting revenge from the demir for her horse she love with the demir but soon she really meets the feelings of the love and feel something for the demir ,no doubt in the first she perform the conditions of the love as a drama but this drama soon become the part of her real life because in every moment demir helps her and due to that sympathy and the care make the cause of the love for the asi so here watch the drama serial today.

aai drama episode 17 march part 1